A special day with class 5a and 5b

We had a class trip to Freital and Malter last Friday. Thirty boys and girls were not at school. Mrs Münch, Mrs Mißbach and Mrs Bartelt were our teachers. The class met at 8.15 in the morning. We went by bus to Freital-Coßmannsdorf. The old train to Malter started there. It was loud and slow and there was a lot of smoke. But we could stand on a platform outside, too. That was a great adventure. In Malter we were so hungry and had breakfast. Then we walked down the valley of the Weißeritz. We saw interesting things: plants, animals, bridges, water power stations, big stones. Mrs Mißbach told an old story about Nix and his daughters. The weather was nice and sunny. After 10 km walking our feet hurt. We had to walk fast to catch the right bus. At 14.30 p.m. we arrived in Kreischa.